About Us & The Observer Mall

April of 1997, I experienced 2 births in my family, the first being my Premiere Issue of the Belle River Business Observer April 1st and second the birth of my daughter Brianna, April 22nd. While operating a clothing store in Belle River and discovering that the local media wasn’t providing the exposure or results necessary, the Observer concept was born!!

Affordable advertising, a minimal monthly investment, only 1 ad per month.

The first issue’s distribution was 1,000 copies and they were handed out to shoppers by our 23 clients of which 12 are still active advertisers. By the 2nd month the circulation increased gradually until it reached about 3,000 copies and was home delivered in the area by the local kids and their parents.

In 1999, the amalgamation took place, so it was fitting that the Observer be renamed to Lakeshore from Belle River to begin 2000, since it was circulated throughout the entire Municipality.

In March 2000, the Lakeshore Business Observer began using Canada Post monthly with a circulation of 10,000 and continues to grow. The focus of all of our Observers has been on the business owners and thus the community’s citizens who benefit from their products and services. We don’t focus on news or sports, just the promotions of local businesses. By having only ads in the Observers that keeps everyone’s cost down thus nobody is paying for free ad space. Our readers look forward each month to receiving new specials, products and services in their area.

Expansion was on the horizon and the next few years were pretty busy:

  • July 2002                 – The West Kent County Business Observers’ 1st issue
  • May 2003                – The Tecumseh Business Observer was launched
  • May 2004                – The Southshore Business – Observers’ 1st issue
  • May 2015                 – The LaSalle Business Observer was launched
  • February 2018         – Amherstburg was included to form the LaSalle & Amherstburg Business Observer        

In November of 2004, Gwen Nethercott joined the team as an Account Executive and has become an integral part of the Family serving clients throughout Lakeshore, Southshore, Tecumseh and the West Kent County areas. Our 4 Business Observers reached over 57,000 points of call; apartments, businesses, farms and homes throughout 75% of Eastern Essex County. 

By our 10th year of Publishing we had grown from 23 advertisers the first month, to over 200 ads each month and 3 million plus Observers delivered. This continued on the next 4 years and another 2,500,000 copies delivered. In 2011 we discontinued our Southshore Observer and focused on Lakeshore, Tecumseh / Forest Glade and West Kent. We added the Forest Glade area to our Tecumseh circulation and have grown because of the expansion. 2012 has arrived, now publishing 37,000 Observers each month throughout Lakeshore, Tecumseh / Forest Glade and West Kent. We were celebrating our 15th Anniversary at the time of our Observer Mall website launch!

In May of 2015, we expanded again to the LaSalle area. With a circulation of 11,400 and the only paper in the LaSalle area direct mailed by Canada to all apartments, businesses,
farms and homes, the Observer continues to delivery value and affordable ad rates!! In February 2018, we expanded LaSalle to include the Town of Amherstburg bringing  the overall circulation to 20,600. We enter into 2020 with an updated overall Observer circulation of 64,400!!

An exciting launch is our Observer Mall. Shopping from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Visit often (www.ObserverMall.com). The Observer has gone global!!!

We have always provided value to our clients and readers. As we expand our new website, we have just increased our monthly Observers shelf life and maximize exposure for our clients. Businesses advertisers in our monthly Observers will receive a complimentary listing and ad in our Observer Mall. When someone misplaced their Observer, they will be able to find the service on our website.

If you are looking to promote your business, you have found the source. We are not a fly by night operation and have many years in the advertising business. We will treat you fair and with a consistent and frequent ad campaign, you will recover the costs of your investment.

2021, begins some Observer Publishing Milestones; our 25th Year of Publishing our Lakeshore Observer, 20th Year in West Kent, 19th Year in Tecumseh & Forest Glade and 7th Year in LaSalle & Amherstburg. Our success and longevity has made possible by our readers shopping and utilizing our advertisers products and services. THANK YOU!

My team and I look forward to answering your questions and helping you to plan your advertising campaign.


Dean Ataman
The Business Observers Inc.
Lakeshore – LaSalle/Amherstburg – Tecumseh/Forest Glade – West Kent

Phone: 519-728-0444